Thursday, August 15, 2013

we're dressing up for a week in your grandpa's clothes. we look incredible. let's talk about it.

pic credit: morgan potter, claire warner, or myself.
on morgan:::
shirt: The Carpenter's Cupboard
shorts: thrifted
shoes: target

on rachel:::
shirt: morgan's grandmas.
shorts: The Carpenter's Cupboard.
shoes: target
necklace: thrifted 

i love vintage clothing.  the hunt, repurposing it and styling it with some modern pieces to make an outfit really just brings music to my ears.  sooo, the lovely morgan potter and i are teaming with my mama's shop { The Carpenter's Cupboard of Windom, MN} to show you all a week of vintage attire.  for one week (seven days), morgan and i will have at least 1+ vintage pieces in our outfits (which can all be found at the carpenter's cupboard. plus 203948423089+ other beautiful pieces).  we hope to not only challenge ourselves to repurpose the old and fabulous, but show you all some practical ways in which you can incorporate vintage clothing into your every day wear.  

// top ten reasons i love vintage clothing //

1. it's recycled and i'm all about that jazz. { reusing old clothing means less child labor, sweat shops, and gruesome factory conditions for men, women, and little ones  (although it's hard for me not to love you forever21) }

2. i love the hunt. rewarding indeed. 

3. it has history; it tells a story 

4. at most shops, it's cheaper than new clothing 

5. allows for a more eclectic style 

6.  most vintage pieces are more flattering for a woman's figure


8. actually though i do shop in my grandparents' closet. you should try it. 

9. almost all previous eras cycle back in style at some point

10. support local businesses.  i'm all about shopping local.  

aaaand another because #8 wasn't a real reason.... 

11.vintage clothing is high quality. heck, it's lasted this long.  it'll keep on lasting. 

the outfits in this post are not part of our seven.  this is just a preview so really we're creating eight different looks (well actually fourteen, because we each have one... wooow this gets confusing fast).  ANYWAY, we are so excited to show you what we've come up with.  we will begin monday, so tune back in.  as always, thanks for your support.


p.s. don't hesitate to stop by morgan's blog as well at  

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