Monday, August 19, 2013

vintage & thrift week challenge: day 1

dress: the carpenter's cupboard
flower crown:  handmade

          while seemingly a little impractical at first glance, morgan and i had so much fun shooting this look.  it was different than all the others, and i liked that.  i picked it because i felt like it really captured my inner feelings & emotions about this stage in my life.  i'm a young, free, dreamer, believer, and enthusiast who is relatively impractical and extremely imperfect.  comparable in nature to this dress, which is impractical and imperfect with stains, tears, and wrinkles etched throughout the array of fabric.  like the rest of us, i'm wrestling with these impracticalities & imperfections in myself in an attempt to make sense of them.  and what i'm learning is that instead of wrestling to win,  i need to learn to love the wrestling match itself.  because it's not going to go away.  it's a task that lasts a lifetime.  a task that so many people attempt to ignore and gloss over and beautify.  it's not a beautiful process.  it's gruesome, tiring, confusing, and sort of hellish some days.  but ya know what?  i'm okay with that. more than okay, in fact, because in the midst of these struggles, my life tells a beautiful story.  as does everyones.  so, instead of disregarding this simple yet oh-so lovely dress because of it's flaws & imperfections, i learned to love it, as i'm learning to love the very things it represents in myself.  

happy monday!  six more days to go in this challenge, so tune back in.  

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