Sunday, August 25, 2013

vintage & thrift week challenge: day 7

on morgan::
hat: thrifted {Goodwill, Mankato, MN}
scarf: the Renaissance festival
jacket: carpenter's cupboard of Windom
pants: heartbreaker
shoes: Connection of Windom

on rachel::
jacket: carpenter's cupboard
blouse: carpenter's cupboard
skinnies: urban outfitters
shoes: frye leather co.
hat: see above 

          what a week it has been!  we've had so much fun putting together these looks & shooting them around the lovely town of Windom.  morgan and i share so much of the same passion for not only vintage & thrifted clothing, but more importantly... the unlimited potential and sparkle found right here in small town america.  she and i both reside in the minneapolis / st. paul area during the school year and we've spent hours discussing the fact that the more we're in the city, the more our passion for small towns ignites itself.  it's so often that we look past the very thing that's right before our eyes in hopes of reaching higher, seeing something better, when all along, the thing that was there from the beginning is just what we need.

         one of our goals in this week long challenge was to explore the bountiful, and dare i say, cool/artsy/funky, resources found right here in our hometown.  this little town of ours has so much to offer our own community and the surrounding areas.  it's when we choose to take action and responsibility that the possibilities truly become unlimited.  we hope to have inspired you in some way or another this week.  your support has certainly done just that that for us!

         huge thanks to the Carpenter's Cupboard of Windom for letting us use their store as our closet for the week.  we had so much fun rummaging through all the goodness to be found in there! something to look forward to... the Carpenter's Cupboard & Antiques 86 are planning their second annual vintage fashion show scheduled for November 2nd at the BARC in Windom, MN.  last year was an absolute hoot and morgan and i will most definitely be making an appearance this year.  check out the Carpenter's Cupboard facebook page for more infomration.  { the Carpenter's Cupboard recently redid their facebook page and consequently, lost all their likes, etc.  so, please, stop on by the new and improved facebook page here and give it a like! } muchas gracias.

until next time (we're planning that next time as i type this), 

check out morgan's last post of the week over at Miss Morgan Leeshe's more adorable than ever...

ps, thanks for letting me borrow your hat, morg!  

Saturday, August 24, 2013

vintage & thrift week challenge: day 6

sweater: antiques 86
chambray: target
skinnies: urban
shoes: ae (old)
necklace: carpenter's cupboard
watch: brickyard buffalo

...and now you know my style secret.  high waisted black skinny jeans.  God's greatest gift to women. i wear them with everything.  obviously.  also, this sweater was too fun to resist.  i'm a big neutral person thanks to my ginger locks, and i can always go for a bold print, so this sweater caught my eye right away.  and the mug?  need i say more?  huge thanks to River City Eatery for lending us their space and the mug for an awesome shoot.  

stop by morgan's corner of the internet at Miss Morgan Lee

last look up tomorrow!  see you oh so very soon. 

Friday, August 23, 2013

vintage & thrift week challenge: day 5

glare, but a River City Eatery window decoration 
cheerfully greeting the surprised & confused passers by... 

top: Antiques 86
necklace: target
skinnies: urban
sandals: ae (old)

morgan and i had too much fun shooting this outfit.  we started at the eatery in windom, where i doubled as a window ornament, (owner Mari's idea. how did i get a boss that cool, someone pleasetell me that.).  we then traveled around the square of windom where we admired some of windom's finest offerings, shooting some pics here and there.  at moments, i get overwhelmed when i think about how blessed i am to work with such vibrant, entrepreneurial spirits in such a great little town like windom... a town i get to call home.  the people in my life in Windom truly bring me joy & energy like very few can do, and no matter where this crazy complicated world takes me, this little place will forever hold a dear place in my heart. 

 now... onto the outfit.. 

as a red head, i'm naturally attracted to green.  a great contrasting color for my ginger locks.  i love this top because it's a statement piece.  the tailored, feminine structure allows it to be a great single for any closet.  this top was a score of mine at Antiques 86, a great little (or not so little) shop situated on an adorable farm site just south of Lakefield, MN.  be ready to dig, because owner Ilene has enough vintage clothing, jewelry, and other accessories to last a lifetime.  Ilene also sells some of her fabulous pieces at my mama's shop, the Carpenter's Cupboard in Windom.  

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

vintage & thrift week challenge: day 4!

because one can't not smile like a goon when she's wearing this crown... 

tank: pacsun (old)
pants: carpenter's cupboard
wedges: target
flower crown: handmade 

these pants were too fun to resist.  while somewhat difficult to photograph in a flattering manner, we snapped a few that weren't too bad.  SO COMFY.  can we talk about it?  to bed, around the house, to dress up, i'd wear these puppies everywhere.  try to take them off me, i dare you. 

morgan's got one great dress on today over at her blog Miss Morgan Lee

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

vintage & thrift week challenge: day 3

...because squinty eyes are a wilson must. 

hat: Carpenter's Cupboard
necklace: thrifted
bracelet: Carpenter's Cupboard
shirt: forever 21 ( i know, i know,  again, i disgust myself)
jeans: urban
oxfords: frye leather company

 this outfit seemed pretty practical & every-day-ish in morgan and i's book.  skinnies, a loose tee, a few accessories, and oxfords.  anyone can do it.  and everyone should do it. these hats are really making their debut right now, and i'm loving mine.  i especially liked because it shows how one can mix and match the old and the new.  an old hat, necklace, and bracelet, with a new tee, jeans, and oxfords.  mixing and matching eras and styles helps create an eclectic look (which i looooove), so get creative and dig in!

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thanks for tuning in.  four more days.  see you tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

vintage & thrift week challenge: day 2

scarf: forever21 (i know, i know, i disgust myself)
jacket: Carpenter's Cupboard (YAY!)


...also because fall's just around the corner and who doesn't need a great leather jacket?  let alone, a perfectly tailored cognac leather jacket with detail out of this world... it's one of those 'shut up' pieces of clothing for sure.  what a find at the carpenter's cupboard of windom!  they have tons of other jackets, so be sure stop in on a friday or saturday to check 'em out.  be ready to dig...if you spend enough time and look hard enough, it's like a gold mine in there.  

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thanks for tuning in!  see you tomorrow. 

Monday, August 19, 2013

vintage & thrift week challenge: day 1

dress: the carpenter's cupboard
flower crown:  handmade

          while seemingly a little impractical at first glance, morgan and i had so much fun shooting this look.  it was different than all the others, and i liked that.  i picked it because i felt like it really captured my inner feelings & emotions about this stage in my life.  i'm a young, free, dreamer, believer, and enthusiast who is relatively impractical and extremely imperfect.  comparable in nature to this dress, which is impractical and imperfect with stains, tears, and wrinkles etched throughout the array of fabric.  like the rest of us, i'm wrestling with these impracticalities & imperfections in myself in an attempt to make sense of them.  and what i'm learning is that instead of wrestling to win,  i need to learn to love the wrestling match itself.  because it's not going to go away.  it's a task that lasts a lifetime.  a task that so many people attempt to ignore and gloss over and beautify.  it's not a beautiful process.  it's gruesome, tiring, confusing, and sort of hellish some days.  but ya know what?  i'm okay with that. more than okay, in fact, because in the midst of these struggles, my life tells a beautiful story.  as does everyones.  so, instead of disregarding this simple yet oh-so lovely dress because of it's flaws & imperfections, i learned to love it, as i'm learning to love the very things it represents in myself.  

happy monday!  six more days to go in this challenge, so tune back in.  

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

we're dressing up for a week in your grandpa's clothes. we look incredible. let's talk about it.

pic credit: morgan potter, claire warner, or myself.
on morgan:::
shirt: The Carpenter's Cupboard
shorts: thrifted
shoes: target

on rachel:::
shirt: morgan's grandmas.
shorts: The Carpenter's Cupboard.
shoes: target
necklace: thrifted 

i love vintage clothing.  the hunt, repurposing it and styling it with some modern pieces to make an outfit really just brings music to my ears.  sooo, the lovely morgan potter and i are teaming with my mama's shop { The Carpenter's Cupboard of Windom, MN} to show you all a week of vintage attire.  for one week (seven days), morgan and i will have at least 1+ vintage pieces in our outfits (which can all be found at the carpenter's cupboard. plus 203948423089+ other beautiful pieces).  we hope to not only challenge ourselves to repurpose the old and fabulous, but show you all some practical ways in which you can incorporate vintage clothing into your every day wear.  

// top ten reasons i love vintage clothing //

1. it's recycled and i'm all about that jazz. { reusing old clothing means less child labor, sweat shops, and gruesome factory conditions for men, women, and little ones  (although it's hard for me not to love you forever21) }

2. i love the hunt. rewarding indeed. 

3. it has history; it tells a story 

4. at most shops, it's cheaper than new clothing 

5. allows for a more eclectic style 

6.  most vintage pieces are more flattering for a woman's figure


8. actually though i do shop in my grandparents' closet. you should try it. 

9. almost all previous eras cycle back in style at some point

10. support local businesses.  i'm all about shopping local.  

aaaand another because #8 wasn't a real reason.... 

11.vintage clothing is high quality. heck, it's lasted this long.  it'll keep on lasting. 

the outfits in this post are not part of our seven.  this is just a preview so really we're creating eight different looks (well actually fourteen, because we each have one... wooow this gets confusing fast).  ANYWAY, we are so excited to show you what we've come up with.  we will begin monday, so tune back in.  as always, thanks for your support.


p.s. don't hesitate to stop by morgan's blog as well at