Wednesday, May 29, 2013

here's to you, summer 2013

Let's face it, i'm a goal person.  So, naturally, each summer I try to set some goals for myself.  While usually only ten-ish percent of these goals get met, just setting the goals and doing my best to work diligently toward them is the important part in my opinion.  heck, that's kind of life.  or, it should be, rather.  a set of continual goals/tasks, and learning how to have fun in the process, even if not everything gets accomplished.  because we're human and we're fallible.  and that okay.  
anyway, here are some of my goals for summer 2013: 
-Rid myself of stuff
-Learn how to better use my Nikon & amp up my photo editing skills (try to work myself out of this novice stage))
-Spend time with my guitar and piano again.  it's been too long. 
-Work diligently on my summer classes (even though i sooo lack motivation)
-Write more & submit my work 
-Work on my book list (coming at YOU soon!)
-Amp up this blog of mine 
-Live intentionally
-Invest in people
-Practice being a light & spread joy 

What're some of your goals for this summer? 
As always, thanks for tuning in.

here's to you, summer 2013,
may you be ever sweet to us all. 

Monday, May 27, 2013

this Memorial day.

<< it's like a gigantic photo strip >> 

sooo, this happened the other day. 
got myself some new spectacles! 
though these photos fail to display it, they are olive green. 
WHOOT WHOOT! << insert cheers here >>
(i've been looking for a pair for a while now)
thanks, warby parker.  
and to VSCO cam for the pics.  
and most importantly, to all those special people who make Memorial day so very special. 
for defending our country and fighting for our many freedoms. 
special s/o to the veterans in my family 
and to roommie Leanne and all of her wonderful family in the US Air Force. 
you guys are stars.
and we love you all. 

stay sweet.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

ben rector & alpha rev.

hay and i hit up the varsity theatre a few weeks ago for the ben rector & alpha rev concert.   we grabbed some pasta at loring pasta bar beforehand and then waited for an our in the rain to get good seats (curse you, general admission).  i'd never heard alpha rev before, but they were fantastic.  and ben rector?  what a charmer.  creative people never cease to amaze me.  a night to celebrate musical creativity is just what i needed.  
thanks for making the experience all the more beautiful, haylee.  you are a gem. 


Saturday, May 4, 2013

for your creeping pleasures.

from my iPhone... 
thanks so much VSCO CAM. 

candyland downtown st. paul.  what a treat. (get it?)

sooo, this happened. and i'm excited to say the very least.  
Cheeky Monkey in st. paul. a gem of an eatery.  
Pops came to town. 

and i ate a footlong hotdog. whaaaa? 
st. paul.
selby ave. is a the greatest. 
hay and i's night out. 
Ben Rector at the Varsity Theatre. just yes.  

it's been a chilly week here.  as the end of the year approaches, i get more and more antsy. 
but all i really want at this moment is spring. like real spring. 
minnesota, what's up, man?
it is supposed to warm up this week though, so yay for 60s and 70s. 
hope you are having a most enjoyable weekend.  
thanks for reading and check back in soon for pics from the Alpha Rev and Ben Rector concert i went to last night. 


Thursday, May 2, 2013

here's to you, Leanne.

every Monday my roommate ego gets a little bigger, because of this girl right here. 
who struts her stuff in this uniform at the beginning of every week.  
her dedication amazes me.  5:30am training. workouts. meetings. class. tests. 
aaand, she just found out that she leaves five days after school ends to go to field training for a month!
(if you don't know what that is, think torture- figuratively, of course) 
YAYYYYY (sarcastic tone probably not appreciated at this moment)
all to serve our country as a nurse in the Air Force. 
her dedication and love for our country amazes me.  
and i think that's pretty neat. 
here's to you, Leanne. 
thanks for loving on me this year. our conversations, laughs, and encouragement are oh-so dear to me. 
and thanks to all the other wonderful citizens out there serving our country. 
you make us proud every single day.