Tuesday, April 16, 2013

here's to you, boston. thanks for stealing my heart in six days.

in honor of yesterday...
some pics from my trip to Boston this past summer. 

doors like these? omggggg
and these? c'mon... 

chiiii town. 

days like yesterday really make me wonder.  
there are no words. no explanations. not reasons. nothing. 
and sometimes, that's okay. 
i want to take a moment to encourage you in whatever you're going through.
whether you had family affected in boston or are experiencing other issues...whatever it may be.  
know that you're not alone. 
and however you're making it through, you go.  
cause any time you 'punch the day in the face' when you just want to stay in bed. 
you win. 

God bless.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

a whole lotta rach in one spot. good...bad?

got together with some friends from home over Easter and enjoyed a mini-photoshoot. 
we're beginners, but we're learning.
(included some duplicates from yesterday, sowwwy)
happy saturday to you!  

Friday, April 5, 2013

up on my soap box, don't mind me.

(these pics have absolutely nothing to do with the following post, but i'm a visual person, so enjoy ) 

i'm getting up on my soap box today.  no ifs &'s or buts about it.  
prepare yourself.  
          the other day my roommate and i were laying in bed on what seemed a typical tuesday night when out of nowhere, she made a comment towards reconciliation and how it's overemphasized here at bu.  i sat straight up, put my book down, and replied with a "yalp" of sorts (Whitman, anyone?). 
          reconciliation is brought up all the time.  from sermons, to songs, to literature, etc., i feel as if i hear about it nearly everyday.  prior to coming to college, i'd though about equality from time to time, but i'd never thought of others as less than i.  and now?  now i find myself unconsciously tuning out these talks.  important talks.  talks that need to be had.  but talks that have a set time and place... and that is not every minute of every day.  it seems as if evangelical america has reinforced the idea of reconciliation to the point where we're either wholeheartedly desensitized to the topic in general, or even worse, expect separation among races.  
why would we ever encourage such a thing?   
          i, along with numerous (millions, billions maybe) others, don't look at those with different skin color than i and think less of them.  they're different than i- so is everyone else on this earth!  we're each unique, original individuals.  which got me thinking... what about reconciliation among sexual orientations?  or reconciliation among religions?  or reconciliation among genders?  etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.  skin color seems like a rather superficial means to base reconciliation off of.  
          you know what i think?  i think we should stop talking about it so dang much & trust the goodness in people, dealing with it IF the problem comes up (not when...stop expecting the problem to occur).  i think we should encourage oneness among humanity in general- religiously, politically, sexually, educationally, backgroundly (made that word up), and racially.   
          i vote we allow people to develop.  into their own, original personhood; let them grow and change and make mistakes... and be human. instead of focusing on our differences, which have seemingly put a massive blockade between humanity, let's embrace our differences and encourage one another to grow and succeed in our own right. let's celebrate humanity's and its wonder and might and beauty. 
i've been enjoying walt whitman lately (hence the aforementioned reference).  in one of my favorite poems of his, he writes:
And what I assume you shall assume;
For every atom belonging to me, as good belongs to you.

     here's to you folks.  you wonderful people, you. 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

hunters, how i love you.

 so, this happened today... 

and they came in a box no less than three times the size of the actual boots.  
necessary?  obv. 
people stared as i fumbled with the hugely gigantic box on the walk back to my dorm. 

Hunters, I love you.  Zappos, you're pretty great too. 
Happy Spring, everyone!