Thursday, January 31, 2013

in the birthday spirit.

yesterday was my birthday.
and boy-oh-boy was i overwhelmed by all the lovelies in my life. 
i woke up to a room full of balloons.  
and several cards as well as my own personal "Birthday Girl" sash, crown, & wand,
thanks to my roommates.
i also got several cards & phone calls from my loved ones who live at a distance. 
a group of us went out to cafe latte on Grand in St. Paul,
 and had ourselves one dandy ol' time.  
throughout the day,
i tried to spend some time reflecting on my year, and my hopes and expectations for this next year... 
here are some of my thoughts... 
i'm determined to make this year of my life one to remember (so cliche, i know). 
a year where i learn to live in the moment while investing in the future.  a year where i take full advantage of the experiences at my door.  a year where i don't regret, but live life intentionally & with courage- unafraid to do the hard thing.  i plan to invest in people and relationships, because i've been blessed with some pretty darn cool people.  a year where i do life for what it is (in all its glory & despair), giving thanks the every step of the way.  
here's to year 19.   

Thursday, January 10, 2013

guess what?

word on the street is that i'm an assistant coach at Mounds View High School's class AA varsity speech team.

.....and this is how i feel about it: 

literally taken right after my interview. 

i know, i know, i lack enthusiasm.  
...said no one. ever. 
my facial expressions tell it all. every time. every single stinking time. 
it used to get me in trouble. no lie. 
but on a serious note...
i am overwhelmed with emotion as this wonderful opportunity lies at my doorstep.  i feel so blessed and humbled to be able to coach students in something i feel so passionate about.  now this will be a cliche in its finest form, but ....
i strongly believe speech has the power to change impact one's life-- academically, professionally, and most importantly, personally (confidence, competence, etc. etc. etc.). 
yet, strangely enough, in the midst of this exhilarating experience, i found myself tearing up on the couch the other night as i was looking at old pictures.  
 it hit me-- my competitive speech career is over.  over. donezo. nada. no more. 
it was a great one, without a doubt.  but that chapter of my life has come to a close.  for now, at least.  for so many years, speech was my life-- requiring all the dedication and commitment i could muster. 
it's so hard to watch something you cherish so dearly become the past.   
i always dreamed of being a speech coach. 
....and now.  now, here i am.  on the other side of the playing field.  a coach.
coaching kids.  training them.  lending what expertise i can and learning as i go.  
these students look up to me.  all 87 of them 
(quite an intimidating number of competitors, if ya ask me). 
but i know God has given me this opportunity for a reason.  and i am oh-so-thankful.
here's to the future and all the learning, humbling, growing, and opportunities it has in store.