Friday, November 30, 2012

artsy fartsy.

So, yesterday as i was prancing my little self through the BC, a neat little table with some neat little people selling some neat little art caught my eye.   i stopped on by only to find some neat little posters...designed by the one and only bethel art department.  I bought one... or four....obv... as I couldn't resist supporting local & as-of-now undiscovered artists here on campus.  Aaaaand, the idea of decking out my dorm with some hipster designs also brightened my day.  Here are some of my favs. 
Cudos to you, bu arts dept.  
Keep up the great work! 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

this thanksgiving.

fire wood for fires in the oh-so-ahhhmazing fireplace (which apparently got waaaaaaay more amazing since I went to college and no longer have a fire place)

(i didn't even mind having to load it)

with dale, obv. 

Mama's Chicago style poppin' corn  

homemade regular poppin' corn 

gram gram Jo

the cook 

the cook's assistant with the famous oysters

the infamous Wilson oyster & sausage stuffing. yes, we do mix with our hands. only way to do it. 

pop's turkeyturkey

one stellar view for a stellar holiday

one happy rachel. 

Monday, November 19, 2012

around this little town of mine.

the sunrise I woke up to. sure don't get this in the city. 

best chinese around. 

I'm home for thanksgiving and it feels oh-so-goooooood! Pretty sure I looked like a total fool jamming to country hits & The Boss (If you don't know who that have not lived. AKA: Bruce Springsteen...what I was raised on) as i was cruising highway 169 the entire way home.  Even though it's certainly not my norm, i just felt like it fit the occasion seamlessly.  I'm always more sentimental around holidays and this Thanksgiving is no different.  I feel so blessed to be surrounded by those i hold dear.  And i'm so proud of where i come from.  Even though 99.999999999% of people give me a blank stare when I say "Windom" when they ask me where i'm from.  I then have to repeat myself continually and eventually result to, "it's whatever. Most people haven't heard of it." But ya know what?  I secretly smile to myself because...I'd take this cute little town and the neat people that fill it over most.  Happy almost thanksgiving! 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

a saturday to remember.

Mama and I.  Look alike much? 


The lovely and oh-so-creative hosts.

This past saturday my entrepreneurial mother, Kim Friesen, along with her friend and business cohort, Ilene Clark, put on their first annual Vintage Fashion Show & Sale.  One-of-a-kind clothing, jewelry, hats, bags, and everything else wonderful in life (from nearly all eras) were provided by the Carpenter's Cupboard (my summer fun!) and Antiques 86, both located in Southern MN.  Tickets were a mere $10 and included a riot of a fashion show, lots and lots and lots and lots of vintage browsing, loads of laughter, and delicious orderves (provided by the one and only, River City Eatery).  Much to our pleasure, the place sold out, with over 60 charming ladies (aaaaand a handful of oh-so-supportive husbands, fathers, and significant others.  Thank you Andrew.  I found myself a keeper, everyone), traveling from near and far (Minneapolis/St. Paul & Wisconsin to the quaint town of Windom).  A grand time was had by all.  By the end, we were asked if we were taking reservations for next year.  Soooooo, see you next year!  And, don't forget...stay vintage, fun, and funky!

P.S. Thanks to Andrew for the great pics.