Monday, October 29, 2012

one wonderful weekend.

This is how we do football...studying for my 8am exam Monday. 

This past weekend was family weekend up at BU.   Straying away from traditional events hovered here on campus, we did parent weekend our own way... attending the band/choir concert (shout out to my munch, Ellie Harder), which was phenomenal, buuuut skipping the class sessions & staying for only the first half of the football game to head down to Uptown, where we thrifted 'til our feet hurt (which we also did the night before...Goodwill heaven up here, I'm tellin' ya!).  An encouraging that was much needed, a huge thanks to my Mom and Dale for taking the time to come up to hang out with me! 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

A quick little adventure across town.

I took a little jaunt on over to the University of Minnesota the other day.  I've lived in the Twin Cities for over a year now and have never been actually been in the campus of the university, just around the footprint.  What a rich experience it was when I did delve into one of the most well-known big ten universities of all time!  The buildings, people, academics, tradition, and culture were truly breathtaking.  Wish I could've taken more pics and stayed foreverrrrr.  Darn you, camera, for dying within the first ten minutes.  (Maybe it was my fault after all for not charging my it...) Either way, enjoy these pics...even though they are truly only a microcosm of the real deal.  

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

a book for your liking.

A family friend recommended this book to me a couple summers ago. I read it, albeit at first unenthusiastically. However, by the third page, Rachel Evans had captured me. I read it in two days. With her witty and forward tone, Evans delivers a message Christianity today has been searching for. A message redefining spirituality and "religion." It changed my life. 
It can change yours too, if you let it.

Two of my favs:

"To survive in a new, volatile environment, I had to shed old convictions and grow new ones in their place. I had to take a closer look at what I believed and figure out what was truly essential. I went from the security of crawling around on all fours in the muck and mire of my inherited beliefs to the vulnerability of standing, my head and heart exposed, in the truth of my own spiritual experience. I evolved, not into a better creature than those around me, but into a better, more adapted me- a me who wasn't afraid of her own ideas and doubts and intuitions..."

"Sometimes Christians worry that if we don't provide bullet-point answers to all of life's questions, people will assume that our faith is unreasonable.  In reaction to very loud athiests like Richard Dawkins, we have become a bit too loud ourselves.  Faith in Jesus has been recast as a position in a debate, not a way of life.  But the truth is, I've found people to be much more receptive to the gospel when they know becoming a Christian doesn't require becoming a know-it-all.  Most of the people I've encountered are looking not for a religion to answer all their questions but for a community of faith in which they feel safe asking them."

Thursday, October 18, 2012

A few lovelies from fall break.

Friday night football... can you sense my excitement? 
His first football game back home. 
Elijah and I. 

Care & Share thrift store...connected to a quaint little coffee shop where you can get a 20 oz. soy chai for $3.  Never has my day been made so early in the morning.  
Claire contemplating buying the brown velvet couch we fell madly in love with (it was only $15).   Too bad we didn't get it. Yay for no space at college.
Making time for the perfect little red wall between thrift stores was a must.
The Eatery! My favorite workplace of all time.
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My boss.  This is why we love work. 
These help too.

Pirate dinner fundraiser.  Truly an unforgetable experience...
What a trouper he is for going with AND dressing up! 

What a treat fall break was (if you can call one extra day a break, realllllly Bethel?).  It was so great to see my family, friends, Andrew & coworkers (the could go on and on and on...)!  From the thrifting with Claire at our favorite hometown thrift stores, to the Friday night football with Andrew and old high school friends, to the "pirate dinner" fundraiser we attended for a local non-profit (where dressing up was required, hence the outfits), I laughed more than I have in a while.  I'm still struggling getting used to packing to go home, instead of packing to leave home.  It's also crazy to think that the next time I'll be home (whenever that is...not really sure...also a weird thought), there may be snow on the ground.  Although I love the life I've established up here, there's truly no place like home. 
Wizard of Oz , anyone? (Aaaand, the award for lame joke of the day goes to me)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A neat little idea...

Each year I try to think of creative, personal Christmas gifts for my loved ones.  However, now on a college budget, this task has become a bit more arduous as most items and ideas are out of my price range.  So, as I've been preseasonally pondering Christmas gifts this year (it's not too early right?  It is the most wonderful time of the year, after all...), I've had to kick my creativity into high gear.  When I ran across these, Sticky Grams (, I knew I'd found love.  Affordable and fun, these magnetic Instagram photos allow your favorite pics to come to life!  How neat is that? 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Falling for Fall

     Nearly eight weeks into it (the school year, that is) and I decided it was time for a creativity break. Soooo, I broke out the Nikon, set my (loads) of homework aside and wandered around campus marveling at the beautiful time of year we have on our hands.  However, instead of the "artsy" vibe I was going for, I looked like a tourist.  In Arden Hills, MN.  Which is not common. People stared.  I waved.  Anyways, It's almost fall break over here, which means I get to go home for the first time since summer.  As completely lame as it sounds, I cannot wait to see corn fields (even if they've already been harvested), smell livestock, and drive on gravel roads!  Don't get me wrong, I love city life, but I am ready beyond ready for my good ol' small town of 4,000.  One more paper andddd. (Ahem, drumroll please)......MAMA HERE I COMEEEEE! 

*Thanks to Andrew for his photoshop expertise... I'll get the hang of soon, I promise! :D